Italy leads OECD countries in taxation


According to MARMO MACHINE INTERNATIONAL ,Italy is the OECD country with the highest taxation rate. This was revealed by the OECD Report for 2017, according to which in Italy the percentage of tax revenue on total government income – in 2015 was 91.4%, versus an OECD average of 82%. This percentage is the highest among the 35 countries belonging to the Paris-based organization, followed by the 90.5% of New Zealand and the 87.3% of Spain. Overall, there are 23 OECD countries where the rate is between 80% and 90% while the lowest is Mexico, with 68.6%. In 2000 the average among OECD countries was 83.8%, with Italy at 91.6%, again the highest. Lightening Italy’s tax
burden should be the top priority for the newly
elected government.