Abbas Shafiei 

Founder and chairman of the board

In 1968 Mr. Mahmood Shafiei established the first own stone factory to exploitation the special quarries, and processing the high quality stones; and in 1990 established the Pasargad Stone Factory which had a great role in stone exporting from IRAN.Nowadays, the sons of that man by established a group of professional suppliers and big and worthy quarries make one of the most powerful stone team in Iran with using the latest technology have decided to present and export all sort of the quarries block and cut to size Tile, Slab, and customized items to the international Markets . Therefore, please check our website and let us have your comments and inquiries. 

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MR. Hossein Shafiei



+98 912 251 8055 

MR. Ali Shafiei



+98 912 553 5362

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Address: Old Qom kashan Road – Omid Stone City – Qom – Iran


Ali Shafiei - CMO » Ali@pasargadstone.com 

Hossein Shafiei - CEO » Hossein@pasargadstone.com


(+98) 912 553 5362

Ali Shafiei - CMO

Chief Marketing Officer

(+98) 912 251 8055

Hossein Shafiei - CEO

Chief Executive Officer

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