Christoforos Pavlidis, CEO of “Pavlidis S.A. Marble- Granite”: Our goal is a powerful international organization

Vision, faith and perseverance are an integral part of our success. Our ultimate goal is to equip Pavlidis S.A. with a powerful international body in marble sector, capable of coping with the needs and requirements of the 21st century market as well as maintaining our position as leader of the marble industry globally.
Interview of Christophoros Pavlidis, CEO of the marble industry “Pavlidis S.A. Marble – Granite” at the newsletter of the Greek Mining Enterprises Association

It is a fact that Pavlidis marbles exist in a multitude of works around the world. We recently completed deliveries for New York’s highest skyscraper apartments at Central Park Tower in Manhattan’s Billionaires Row, which is about 475 meters high, overlooking the 432 Park Avenue with a height of 396 meters, where we also used white ARISTON marbles for in-house coating.


Particularly impressive are Manhattan’s 106 Leroy and Tribeca’s 111 Murray buildings. At the same time, we have been continuously supplying SIVEC White Marble for both of the new and renovated Chanel stores in Manhattan, Beverly Hills, Chicago, Seoul, for the Huawei offices in China, the Four Seasons Hotel in Bangkok, and for some special projects in the United Arab Emirates, while the Reflection Tower and the South Beach Tower were recently completed in Singapore.


Every new project is a new challenge for us and our collaborators, installers, contractors, builders, architects and engineers with whom we have to work harmoniously to achieve the desired result at the time we are committed to. All our people are struggling to confirm each time that they are worthy of the trust that our customers show us, who can assure you that they are one of the most demanding in the area we specialize in. The road to all of this was not easy, it took faith, vision, perseverance, time, money and many trips around the world to create the brand name PAVLIDIS MARBLE GRANITE.


Acquisition and merger of quarries


Growth rates are not generalizable but differ from country to country. In the changing economic climate from region to region, we find countries where there is a fall or stagnation, and others where growth occurs at a constant or rapid pace. The sure thing is that we are not complacent and we are constantly trying to take advantage of any acquisition opportunity that results from a search for new deposits both in Greece and abroad.

Mermeren Kombinat


Undoubtedly, the significant investment of the Mermeren acquisition has begun to deliver the expected results, but beyond the figures, which are judged above satisfactory by its current course, I believe that the Greek presence in a major marble source of the neighboring country, in combination with our investment strategy as well as the demonstration of good practices of operation and respect for the local community, enhances the image of our country as an international investor. Mermeren plays an important role within the local national economy while also operating with national standards and standards, with the ultimate goal of optimizing the output of the final product.

Expansion in the energy field

Thanks to the business outwardness and the constant vision for development, we have expanded our areas of activity with significant investments in the field of Renewable Energy. The year 2018 closed with the completion of the second wind park for the region of Xanthi, which is an investment of PAVLIDIS S.A. MARBLE- GRANITE. Today, the installed capacity of Renewable Electricity Power Stations currently in operation is 21 MW, while the procedures for installing new wind farms in Serres Prefecture are proceeding rapidly, 40 MW, in the area of ​​the municipality of Systtika, where the cost is estimated to be 50 million euro. With our environmental investments in renewable clear energy, we contribute to national targets for reducing environmental burden while simultaneously exporting clean energy to the country’s network, thus helping Greece’s environmental balance.

Steadily rising despite the crisis in the country


Because of the extroversion that the company has from the early stages of its operation and the distribution of sales to different geographical destinations, it was not affected by the adverse conditions of the national economy. We stayed and will stay in Greece, despite the unfavorable tax and bureaucratic procedures, because we are convinced that in this way we help to improve the current situation and to support the economy of our country, while we expect the next day to be better.

With regard to international circumstances, we believe that they will play a key role in the market and in particular in the marble industry for the 2019 & 2020 business year. At the same time, the global economic climate due to the US-China trade warfare clearly affects investors’ two major destinations of our products, although we believe that a solution will soon be forthcoming.


Of course, our company proceeds to all the necessary actions following a specific strategy, taking into account the existing political and economic conditions, so that the external factors can exert the least possible influence on our work.

In 2018, the Group’s turnover amounted to € 120 million with EBITDA of € 70 million, while the corresponding figures for 2017 were € 107 million and € 60.5 million. We also expect that 2019 will be another successful year closing with a positive sign.

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4:59 am July 26, 2019

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