Volvo’s flagship of heavy vehicles: the L350H Wheel Loader

The L350H is Volvo Construction Equipment’s largest wheel loader, suitable for a wide range of applications, from mining and quarrying to heavy infrastructure. Built to carry on with the success of its forerunner – the L350F, released more than 10 years ago – the redesigned L350H is Volvo’s best, equipped with the latest innovative technology, providing improved fuel efficiency, increased productivity and effective new design.


Offering the perfect combination of power and control, the L350H is built to boost productivity. The new generation loading hydraulic system improves control of the hinged equipment and reduces cycle time by improving the lifting and lowering speed of the boom. 

The new reloading ladle of Volvo of 10,7 m³ (14 cubic yards) provides 5% more productivity. The bucket has been redesigned with convex sides and an improved spill guard, for easier filling and reduced spillage. To enhance productivity and absorb shocks, the Boom Suspension System can be optionally integrated. The system engages automatically, depending on gear and speed.


The L350H model is also equipped with intelligent technology in order to reduce fuel consumption. Easier to fill buckets allow more material to be moved with less fuel consumption. In addition, the fluid flow during lowering and dumping operations has been reduced to save hydraulic pump power for other functions. The L350H is completed with the powerful Volvo D16 engine developing high torque at low turns. The loader can also be equipped with the system of an automatic stop of the engine which switches off the car at long pauses in work. It is also equipped with the uniquely Volvo designed eco pedal, which promotes economic operation.


The L350H was completely redesigned taking into account the maximum comfort for the operator. The cabin of Volvo has the minimum level of vibration as well as excellent visibility thanks to the new rear-view camera and a new design of rear-view mirrors. The cabin is equipped with a new adjustable seat and the advanced Human – Machine interface. To decrease fatigue of the operator and provide simplification of management, the L350H model can be customized with a choice of three hydraulic modes, to suit the operator’s preferred responsiveness – soft, normal or active. Moreover, Comfort Drive Control (CDC) gives the operator the opportunity to steer the machine using a small lever, particularly effective for fast-paced truck loading operations.


For maximum durability, the L350H model is built with a strong frame and specially designed Z-bar lifting arm with double sealing on each of the pins. To increase convenience of service, the cowl of the car has the opening side panels facilitating daily planned inspections. All main points of maintenance are accessible due to surrounding walkway. Besides, the system of passive and automatic regeneration automatically cleans the diesel particulate filter (DPF), without reducing the machine performance.

For further increase in productivity and profitability, Volvo offers a range of services, including among others machine monitoring, Genuine Volvo Parts, operator training and Volvo Site Simulation.

Saracakis Brothers S.A. is the Official Importer and Distributor of the Swedish-based Volvo Construction Equipment (VCE) in the Greek market.

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5:21 am August 2, 2019

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