US Finished Marble and Granite Imports 2009 – 2018

The US is the largest consumer of finished natural stone products in the world. Only in 2018, the US imported finished marble products of $ 961.17 million worth and finished granite products of $ 899.51 million. Add to these numbers finished quartz or onyx or even limestone, which are much less than marble and granite imports, and you will get the greatest importer of finished natural stone products. 

Stonenews.eu, after collecting and analysing the relevant statistical data from US Census Bureau, is presenting the US finished marble and granite imports from 2009 to 2018, to the variables of value and quantity of imports, as well as the main origin countries for both categories and their share in total US import value of the above. According to the US Census Bureau, during the decade, the country imported finished marble products of $ 6.37 billion worth and finished granite products of $ 10.71 billion worth.

There have been many changes in growth of the above two main natural stone products imports in USA during the last decade. Finished granite imports suffered an ongoing loss after 2015, and, although they were higher than marble ones until 2016, they were left behind in 2018, a trend that has continued in the first months of 2019. Despite this fact, finished granite quantity of imports, despite fluctuations, remained at high levels throughout the decade, far ahead from finished marble quantity of imports, which, however, followed a stable upgoing course. 


As for the origin of US finished marble and granite products, the countries differ depending on the product. The top supplier of finished marble products to the US from 2009 to 2018, based on import value, was Italy, scoring 36.29% of the total US finished marble imports during the decade, followed by China which represented 25.09% and Turkey with 16.77%. India holds the fourth place with 4.21%. Greece managed to get into the big five team with the small but still important for the country 2.98%.

Finished granite origin was different. Almost half of the finished granite imported to the US during the decade came from Brazil, which specifically sent 45.09% of the US finished granite import value. China in the second place (23.02%) and India in the third (14.84%) are no surprise. Italy follows representing 10.19% of total US finished granite import value. The top five is concluded with Spain (2.05%).

* The statistics are derived by the HS Codes below (Harmonized System Codes): 6802215000, 6802910500, 6802911500, 6802230000, 6802930010, 6802930020, 6802930025, 6802930035, 6802930060, 6802930090

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