Popular Black Marble

1. Marquina Black Marble

Source : Stone Contact

The concept of Marquina black marble is a dark night sky that is illuminated by a hundred of bright fossil white veins. Any area with Marquina black marble flooring looks simply classy even without any outstanding texture. It represents high value and exclusivity that high-end residence and luxury hotel owners love, the reason it becomes the most internationally well-known black marble in the interior design world.

This type of marble is the perfect choice for homeowners that want to decorate their luxury homes, but still prefer the ‘less is more’ concept. Marquina black marble definitely delivers you the serene but dramatic place ever.

2. Portoro Marble

Source : Mirna ElSharkawy

Meet the most expensive natural stone in the world. Portoro marble is a high-end Italian crystalline marble with jet black color and golden veins and white effervescences running through it. Looking deeply, you can see the artistic movement inside this elegant texture. Thanks to pyrite and ocher-limonite substances that make this happen.

Portoro marble is a natural work of art. It’s like a painting that adds a significant level of opulence to various styles of interior design, no matter it’s luxury home, hotel and resorts, office building, and especially the grandiose palace. It also works well with light color marble. The contrast of dark and light color is the attractive point that creates a gimmick and memorable appearance.

3. Black Mirage Marble

Source : Exto ceramics

Black mirage marble reminds us of a lightweight stone. A play of contrast between deep black background and white and copper veins resembles the abstract painting in an art gallery. Those straight lines create the geometric strength that is the perfect match with the contemporary interior design of luxury homes. Just by applying black mirage marble on flooring, wall, or any furniture tops, the artistic texture effortlessly modernizes the whole space.

It’s usually chosen as the main marble choice for interior projects with a large format or technical floor. Since it’s not that ornamental or decorative as others and expresses the sharp and sophisticated look instead.

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