Юрский мрамор

История юрского мрамора насчитывает более 150 миллионов лет и начинается в верхнем юрском геологическом периоде. Территория его важнейшего месторождения — теперешняя средняя Бавария — была в то время покрыта сравнительно неглубоким морем, богатым как минеральными, содержащими кальцит, взвесями, так и организмами, строивших свои биологические структуры на базе этих взвесей. Отложения взвесей, а также минерализованных остатков […]

Мрамор Применение

В строительной практике «мрамором» называют метаморфические породы средней твёрдости, принимающие полировку (мрамор, мраморизованный известняк, плотный доломит, карбонатные брекчии и карбонатные конгломераты). Мрамор используется как камень для памятников (монументальной скульптуры и надгробий), как штучный строительный камень для наружной облицовки и внутренней отделки зданий в виде дроблёного и молотого камня, а также штучного (пильного) камня. Мраморные доски […]

New discoveries shed light on Stonehenge mysteries

Geologists have long known that 42 of Stonehenge’s smaller stones, known as bluestones, came from the Preseli hills in Pembrokeshire, in western Wales. Now a new study published in Antiquity pinpoints the locations of two of these quarries and hypothesises on when and how the stones were quarried. A team of archaeologists and geologists have been investigating the […]

Greece’s Marble Products Exports Growth: 1st Quarter 2020

Following our previous report on Greece’s marble products export growth during February 2020, Stonenews.eu is presenting the country’s marble products exports growth in the 1st quarter of 2020, compared with last year’s same quarter as well as exactly the previous quarter in 2019. Greece’s marble blocks and slabs exports during the first three months of […]

Moody’s downgrades global construction prospects for 2020-21

On the back of coronavirus disruptions, investor relations company Moody’s has issued a pessimistic outlook on the global construction industry for the next 12 months.  Moody’s Investors Service has issued a report that forecasts there will be a decline in the aggregate average revenue for rated construction companies (excluding mergers and acquisitions), thanks to COVID-19 disruptions, […]

Japan’s finished marble and granite products imports growth: 1st quarter 2020

Japan’s imports of natural stones are mostly intended for construction demands. In order to avoid transport and processing high costs, Japanese import mainly finished products instead of raw. Granite holds the lead in natural stones imports, both in value and quantity, and marble comes second. But how has the coronavirus affected the country’s natural stones […]

Turkey’s finance minister vows to press on with measures to curb imports including marble and granite

Turkish Finance Minister Berat Albayrak said on Wednesday the government would charge higher import taxes on over 800 goods to shield local producers from competition during the coronavirus pandemic, NTV reported. Turkey will impose additional taxes of up to 30 percent on products including construction equipment, cranes, agricultural machinery, iron and steel products, contact lenses, marble, […]

Construction equipment sales to fall 19%

Global construction equipment sales are expected to fall 19% this year from the 2018-2019 peak of 1.1 million machines to 891,000 units, according to revised forecasts from specialist market research and forecasting company, Off-Highway Research. The mildest impact is expected in China where Off-Highway Research’s previous forecast of an 8% fall in sales compared to […]

Geologists call for global archive of rock samples

Geologists around the world are pushing for a standardised approach towards sample archiving to improve knowledge about our planet’s ancient past. Geologists from Australia, the United States and China have advocated for global access of rock samples for geologists across the globe after publishing their proposal in an article for the Nature journal. The article states that providing geologists with […]